Sega Megadrive W Mini Console  - toy action figure gadgets

Sega Megadrive W Mini Console - toy action figure gadgets

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Sega Megadrive W Mini Console 

Genre Mini console accessory


Condition new
Item Appearance Conditions:
Case : good
Body : good
Other : N/A
SKU HAA-2523
Publisher Sega
Other Remarks
Sega's fifth home video game console was born in 1988. It has a popular series of Sonic, Shining series, Phantasy Star and Puyo. In commemoration of about 30 years from the released of it, the new game machine that SEGA passes that has memories of that time and reproduced it in the palm size. The “Mega Drive Mini W" from action to shooting, puzzles, RPG, and simulation, you can enjoy plenty of nostalgic masterpiece titles in history.
Titles included with the system:
First Set
- Gun Star Heroes
- Comix Zone
- Shining Force
- Space Harrier II
- Sonic The Hedgehog II
- Vampire Killer
- Puyo Puyo 2
- Madou Monogatari I
- Wrestle Ball
- Rent A Hero
Second Set
- Land Stalker
- MUSHA Aleste
- Streets of Rage 2
- The Hybrid Front
- Dyna Brothers 2
- Super Fantasy Zone
- Thunder Force III
- Contra
- Game no Kanzume Otokuyou
- I love Mickey & Donald Duck Fushigi Na Magic Box
Third Set
- Golden Axe
- The Super Shinobi
- The Story of Thor
- Street Fighter II Dash Plus Champion Edition
- Daimakaimura
- Puzzle & Action: Tant-R
- Party Quiz MEGA Q
- Phantasy Star Sen'nenki no Owari ni
- Yu Yu Hakusho
- Rockman Mega World​
Fourth Set
- Road Rash II
- Lord Monarch - Tokoton Sentou Densetsu
- Langrisser II
- Monster World IV
- Dynamite Heddy
- Slap Fight
- Snow Bros. Nick & Tom
- Assault Suit Leynos
- Columns
- Alisia Dragoon
- Darius
- Tetris

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