Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Loyalty Program

For our most devoted customers, we've introduced our new loyalty program to thank you for your commitment to our business. Now every time you shop with us, you can earn reward points which can be exchanged for future discounts and savings. But spending alone isn't the only way you'll be rewarded for your support, as you can earn extra points in simple ways such as referring friends to our site.


Ways to Earn Points

1 point = 1 yen

Earn Points with purchase: Earn 1 point for every 10 yen spent.

Earn Points following us on social media

Earn Points with Referral Link Sharing and Purchase (share the products and if someone buy  from your link you will earn points!)

(expiration period: 2 month)


Ways to Spend Points

You can apply Emporium's points for orders with total price over ¥10,000 JPY.
100% of order can be paid at the cart page using Emporium's points.
1 Emporium's point can give you ¥1 JPY discount.
You will receive Emporium's points for the purchase when the order receives "Paid" status.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Spend Points?
You can spend your points at chechout before confirm your order.

  • How much does it cost to join?
Our loyalty program is totally free! We do it to say 'thank you' to our awesome customers!

  • Is there a limit to how many order points I can get? 
Of course not! We want to reward your loyal orders!

  • Do all my purchases count toward my points?
All purchases can earn Reward Points in our online store. 
  • There is an expiration date for the points?
yes, xpiration period is 2 month but in some cases is extended to more months.
  • Are there terms and conditions for the loyalty program?
Yes! To learn more about our loyalty program, including the terms and conditions to use the program, you can check out the pop up on the top page or your personal Loyalty Program page.
Table of contents

I Introduction
II How to earn Emporium Points
III How to spend Emporium Points
Appendix Terms and Conditions

I - Introduction

What are Emporium Points?
Emporium Points are the currency you actively earn for being a loyal Emporium customer and continuing to take part in great deals! These Points can be used on any purchase to apply some extra savings on the latest game, figure, digital code or anything else from The Emporium you want! Earns coins and overall get rewards back for being a beloved customer!

II - How to earn Emporium Points:

How do I earn Emporium Points through the loyalty program?
You will automatically earn Emporium Points whenever you make a purchase on The Emporium Store. You can then use your Emporium Points towards the cost of future purchases!

You can also earn coins through awesome promotions & rewards - for example when you sign up you will receive a bonus every month, as well as a bonus on Social Follow and Referral Link Sharing and Purchase

Coin Accrual Period: Emporium Points associated with an order will currently be made available after a physical shipment.

III - How to spend Emporium Points:

How do I check my Emporium Points balance?
Along with each regular order confirmation email you will also receive an updated loyalty points balance. From the store main page click into your Loyalty portal, there you can check your points. Alternatively you can directly navigate to the Loyalty tab from your Account page.

How do I spend my Emporium Points?
Emporium Points can be used with any order – the quickest way is to check the 'Use Emporium Loyalty Points' box on the checkout page before confirm your order.

Appendix - Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of Participation regulate the use of Emporium Points Program by the user of a The Emporium account (hereinafter referred to as a "Customer") on the The Emporium website www.emporiumretrogamingshop.com (the "Website"). The Emporium’s General Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, Use of Wallet Terms and Privacy Policy also apply in addition to this agreement.

Participating customers and must be 18 or above to Join the Loyalty Program.

The Emporium reserves the right to modify or cancel the Loyalty Program at any time.
1 Point is has a cash value of 1 japanese yen for eligible The Emporium purchases.
Points can currently only be used for online purchases on www.emporiumretrogamingshop.com on the internet.
Points cannot be used at any physical store including those operated by The Emporium (including Pick-up orders).
Points will not be given for any part of a purchase that is funded by Coins.
Points will be given after the order is completed.
Points may expire based on the current rank of the participant.
A valid and verified The Emporium account is required to join the Loyalty program.
Each Person may only hold one The Emporium Program Memberhip

We reserve the right to terminate or suspendThe Emporium user accounts if Points have been fraudulently obtained and used on the The Emporium shopping platform. If a Emporium user account has been suspended for these reasons, the unused Emporium Points and any wallet funds will be forfeit.

Emporium Accounts, Points and Wallet Balance are not for resale.

The use and redemption of Points, and the use of the Wallet, are governed by the laws of Japan.

Emporiumretrogamingshop.com reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time; notice of any such change will be made by updating these terms and conditions located at https://www.emporiumretrogamingshop.com/pages/loyalty-program

Emporiumretrogamingshop.com reserves the right of final decision and interpretation of any dispute regarding Emporium Loyalty Program, Rewards Points and Wallet.


Thank you ^_^