Hishou Same! Same! Same! BEEP Limited Edition - Sony PS4 Playstation 4

Hishou Same! Same! Same! BEEP Limited Edition - Sony PS4 Playstation 4

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Hishou Same! Same! Same! BEEP Limited

Genre Action / shooting


Condition new
Item Appearance Conditions:
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good
Obi : good
Other : N/A
SKU PLJM-16982
Publisher Toaplan m2
Other Remarks
Toaplan shoot ’em up collection Hishou Same! Same! Same! includes Hishouzame and Same! Same! Same! game.
Hishouzame (Sky Shark) (Flying Shark)
Nobody ever said it would be easy... Deep in enemy territory, you've got to fly your P-40 on a dangerous top-secret mission. The skies are thick with a deadly rain of armor-piercing fire. They chose you for one reason - you're the best there is! You know the score, so aim right and fly tight. The skies are anything but friendly tonight.
Same! Same! Same! (Fire Shark)
Communication lines are cut. Military bases lay in ruin. Then out of the smoky haze emerges a phantom biplane. You are Fire Shark, Earth's final defense against this colossal onslaught!

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