Devil Engine: Complete Edition - Sony PS5 Playstation 5

Devil Engine: Complete Edition - Sony PS5 Playstation 5

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Devil Engine: Complete Edition

Genre Action / shooting


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Other Remarks
■ About the Devil Engine
The final mission to destroy the savior who disobeyed humanity in order to avoid a future of ruin.
The only hope, Andraste, aims to overthrow the Devil Engine while colliding with the entire military power of the Earth, which has turned into an enemy.
Devil Engine is a classic side-scrolling shooter that rocks the player's brain.
The game is heavily inspired by his 32-bit era classic STG, and features a variety of unique stages, hand-drawn pixel art, and blazing post-apocalyptic music.
[Game Features]
- Destroy everything in your path with 3 types of shots and unique bombs.
- Earn score by stringing combos carefully and chain more with bursts that clear bullets.
- Compete for scores in 8 game modes.
- Survive his 6 detailed stages.
- Scores can be used to unlock in-game filters, additional music, stages, and planes.
- Hyakutaro Tsukumo, a composer famous for STG, composed the soundtrack for this exciting game.
[Ignition (DLC)] *Installed in-game
- 3 types of unique aircraft with different shots, score systems, and playstyles can be used from the beginning - In Ignition mode
, 6 new stages that have been significantly remodeled appear
- Soundtrack arranged by Shinji Hosoe (Street Fighter EX), Ruzarin Kashiwagi (Chorensha 68k), Hyakutaro Tsukumo (Thunder Force V) and more - New content for the original Devil Engine campaign and all Extra
Product specifications [ Supported
languages] Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Model number
(C) 2023 Developed by Protoculture Games & Poppy Works. Devil Engine (C) 2023 Developed by Aurora Punks and Exceed. 1993 Shenandoah is published by Beep Japan Inc. All rights reserved.

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