Bullet Soul Double Soul Pack Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch NSW

Bullet Soul Double Soul Pack Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch NSW

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Bullet Soul Double Soul Pack Limited Edition

Genre Action / shooting


Conditions New
Item Appearance Conditions:
Case : good
Manual : good
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Obi : good
Other : N/A
SKU HAC-P-A8GDA(131216)
Publisher Mages
Other Remarks
Bullet Soul Double Soul Pack is a shoot’em up game collection that includes Bullet Soul and Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst.
Bullet Soul
A brand-new recipe for the shooting genre which rewards survival through aggressive play.
Blending classic shooting game design with a solid dash of modern-day bullet hell, this soul food dish has it all! Destroy enemies at close quarters to build your multiplier, and see their bullets rendered harmless.
Scour the stages for secret bonuses to push your score to even greater heights.
Bringing even more heat are Resonator: the moniker of aural wizards Kenji 'Itoken' Ito and Kohta Takahashi, setting fire to your speakers with their tunes.
Last but not least, Akio Watanabe lends his skills to the scene, bringing forth some fresh character designs.
Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst
Bullet Soul is back with a new recipe: Burst! The same aggressive, bullet-canceling gameplay, flashy pyrotechnics, and addictive action, but now with refined level design, more modes, and more destruction!
To top this dish off, Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman has cooked up some red-hot remixes!
Shooting fans of all abilities, it's time to welcome back the true spirit of Japanese shooting games!

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