The Last Faith Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch NSW

The Last Faith Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch NSW

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The Last Faith Limited Edition

Genre Action / metroidvania


Condition NEW
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Other Remarks ◇◆Product Introduction◇◆

The cursed and the blessed all receive the same judgment.

In a dark fantasy world with an eerie atmosphere, "The Last Faith" is now available in a package where you can enjoy beautiful dot art such as luxurious and majestic castles and huge cathedrals, as well as exploration-type 2D action + soul-like play.
As a bundled bonus, it comes with a game software, a soft cover art book, an original soundtrack CD, and 5 postcards!

●Hardcore soul-like elements
The key points are the abundant soul-like elements such as the repeated challenges of tough battles, freely assignable stats, and risky game systems. The
overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you win is exceptional because it is a challenge!

●Abundant execution methods
The demons and monsters that appear are strong, but here you have a variety of weapons, items, and magic. There are
various execution methods.
In addition, there are plenty of actions to decide the finishing blow.

●Non-linear exploration
Non-linear exploration with many ways to go.
Find unique items and hidden areas that stand out and open up new paths.
In addition, the majestic landscapes and moonlit castles depicted in gorgeous pixel art create a deep adventure.

[Permanent bonus content for the packaged version]
  • Softcover Art Book
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  • Set of 5 postcards

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