Zero Fire -TOAPLAN ARCADE GARAGE- BEEP LIMITED   - Nintendo Switch nsw

Zero Fire -TOAPLAN ARCADE GARAGE- BEEP LIMITED - Nintendo Switch nsw

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Genre Action / shooting


Condition new
Item Appearance Conditions:
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good
Obi : -
Other : N/A
Publisher M2 Toaplan
Other Remarks
The title of "Toa Plan", which supported the game arcades of the 80's, is finally reprinted in M2 Shot Triggers!

In addition to the complete porting of the arcade versions of the side-scrolling shooting games "Zero Wing" and "Hellfire", the third installment will include arcade versions with different versions, download content, home versions of each title, and the action game "Horror Story". A large number of titles are included.

① The 3rd port of the Toa plan! Two works of the horizontal shoe are reprinted!
Toa Plan's side-scrolling shooters "Zero Wing" and "Hellfire", which were operated at game arcades in the 1980s, are now available as complete transplants. Both works include "1P, 2P Alternate Play Ver" and "1P, 2P Simultaneous Play Ver" with different game balances. In addition, the overseas version can also be played.

② Package version includes DLC! You can play all recorded titles.
The DLC contains many home version ported works of "Zero Wing" and "Hellfire".
Additional recording of side-scrolling action "Horror Story" as a bonus title of "non-shooting game". This work is also a different version, and you can play the overseas version. The package version includes DLC in advance, so you can play all recorded titles. Also included is the Toa Plan Ported Series annual bonus game "Brainwashing Game TEKI/PAKI".

③ M2STG's familiar support functions are also available in this work!
The "Super Easy Mode", which is a regular feature of the Toa Plan series, allows you to enjoy casually with varying difficulty levels that match your skill level.
A super practice mode "Arcade Challenge" for those who are accustomed to the game and aim to clear the arcade version once.
This work also includes "M2 gadgets" that clarify the conditions for the appearance of 1UP items that have been shrouded in mystery and the progression of stages. I will help you with your strategy.

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