preorder release date 01/02/2024:  The Enigma Machine & Alterity Experience Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch NSW

preorder release date 01/02/2024: The Enigma Machine & Alterity Experience Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch NSW

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The Enigma Machine & Alterity Experience Regular Edition

Genre Action / horror adv


Condition new
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Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good
Obi : good
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Soundtrack CDs (2 discs)

digital art book

Publisher Cosen
Other Remarks
This product includes 2 Enigma Machine and the Ultimate Experience Adventure Games.
Enigma Machine:
Enigma Machine is a first person sci-fi horror adventure game that allows you to experience the unpredictable difficulty and anxiety of the old world game.
The first person view screen combines the previous generation of command line interface screen with 3D graphics in the mid-90s and VHS inspired effects to provide a quirky and memorable gaming experience.
"Have you ever wondered... What is in the heart of AI? "
To show that solution, Enigma® invites you to dreamscape.
Dreamscape allows you to feel the heart of AI through the explorable interactive 3D space.
You can see AI new best friends through DreamScape.
Ultimate Experience
Anton Cornwell, an agricultural in northern California, has recently been struggled with magical purple substances that adheres to produce.
At first, we thought that the company was just loud, but even his farm began to adhere to mysterious purple objects to crops, such as corn and other crops, and decided to investigate.
One day the happens suddenly after your wife and children are out to watch a movie. The mysterious unconfirmed object began to try to invite the house.
Can Anton avoid unconfirmed objects trying to enter and escape from a home where there is no way to communicate with the outside?
This is a first person 3D adventure game that expresses the world view of sci-fi horror movie in the 70s to 80s.
Enjoy exploring how to escape with unconfirmed objects, and mysterious awareness
Voice performance: Ryota Yoshizaki / Masuko Ota
Product Specifications
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese.

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