Homura Seiken Xiao Mei - Sega MD MegaDrive

Homura Seiken Xiao Mei - Sega MD MegaDrive

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Homura Seiken Xiao Mei

Genre Action


Condition new
Item Appearance Conditions:
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good
Obi : -
Other : N/A
Publisher Pixel co.
Other Remarks
The kung fu action game that has become a hot topic as a loving homage to the 16BIT game console has finally been released as a “16BIT game console (MD/MD compatible machine)” Now available as a cassette that you can enjoy!
[Additional elements are also installed, and porting to 16BIT game consoles (MD/MD compatible machines) has finally been realized! ]
This product is a game cassette that can be enjoyed on a 16BIT game machine (MD/MD compatible machine).
“Flame Dragon Saint Fist Xiaomei” is a “retro kung fu action game” that was released for his PC in 2019 and is a “loving homage to the 16BIT game console”, and was released in many media at the time of release. This work has become a hot topic and has been featured in many articles. A Switch version was also released in 2022 with new features added. Now, we have realized the porting of his MD/MD cassette version that can be enjoyed on 16BIT game consoles, which has been a wish since the time it was first released for PC! It will appear as his 16BIT game console software in the truest sense.
The game is a stage-clearing side-scrolling action game where you can enjoy exhilarating action with easy controls. You can quickly release special moves, adjust the difficulty level, change the number of players, etc., so even those who are not good at action games can enjoy the game until the end. The long-awaited cassette version for MD/MD compatible machines, "Homura Seiken Xiaomei", is finally here. Please pick up and enjoy this work full of romance, a new game filled with a new yet nostalgic atmosphere.
*It is not compatible with all genuine MD and his MD compatible machines. It may not work depending on the manufacturing date, etc.
Operation of other companies' MD compatible machines is not guaranteed. *This software is a licensed product of Pixel Co., Ltd.
© PIXEL CO., LTD All Rights Reserved.

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