Trouble Witches Final! Episode 01: Daughters of Amalgam - Sony PS4 Playstation 4

Trouble Witches Final! Episode 01: Daughters of Amalgam - Sony PS4 Playstation 4

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Trouble Witches Final! Episode 01: Daughters of Amalgam

Genre Action / shooting


Condition new
Item Appearance Conditions:
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good
Obi : good
Other : N/A
Publisher Studio SiestA
Other Remarks
≪Trouble Witches Fainaru! About ~Episode 01 Daughters of Amalgam~≫
The latest work of "Trouble☆Witches", which has been well received on arcades, XBOX, and Steam and has attracted over 120,000 users, is now available on PS4! 

■One and only play feeling! A jingling feeling that everyone from beginners to advanced players can understand!
The biggest features of this work are the "magic circle" and the "shop system". Convert enemy bullets into money at the "Magic Square" and enter the "Shop" to shop.
If you use the purchased magic card to defeat the enemy, all the enemies and bullets on the screen will turn into "Star Coins" and rush in!
The feeling of jingling like a raging wave is unique, and it is guaranteed to be super refreshing and addictive.

Implemented a "play tutorial" where you can learn the tricks while playing, and a "practice mode" where you can choose and practice magic cards and stages

. Unprecedented large volume super special STG!
・All the backgrounds are reconstructed with beautiful full polygons
・A total of 11 Yurukawa witch characters with different abilities and attack methods
・9 game modes! 
"AC Mode" still in operation in arcades, "Story Mode" with each character
fully voiced, "Endless" and "Boss Attack" to test how far you can go, and
"Score Attack" to compete for scores in a short time. Full volume such as "Practice" that you can easily practice

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