preorder release date: 03/2024 - Slave Zero X Limited Edition - Sony PS5 Playstation 5

preorder release date: 03/2024 - Slave Zero X Limited Edition - Sony PS5 Playstation 5

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Slave Zero X Limited Edition

Genre Action / beat em up


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The Limited edition includes :

– original cardboard box

– Slave Zero X comic and art book

– Slave Zero Retro Game Collector Edition (Reproduction of PC Edition)

– Slave Zero X + Slave Zero original soundtrack on CD (+ downloadable code)

– a set of postcards + original sticker

– Steam code for Slave Zero (only by pre-ordering the game)

Publisher Beep
Other Remarks
Mega City S1-9 is a victorial named Soblin Kahn reigned and rugged. Among this, one warrior travels in the dark of a root basement. To defeat Khan and make vengeance.
A new breath to the world of Slave Zero, who draws the story of the previous 4 years ago, is about to add a blood-painted page to the long history of humanity.
■Game play
Slave Zero X is a 2.5-dimensional stylish action game featuring the biopunk world of Slave Zero released in North America in 1999.
Rush through the future of Destopia as you tear your enemies.
Players take on each stage as a bio-reinforced protagonist Shou.
This blower game uses the mechanics of fighting games such as hacks, slash, juggling and bursting.
The rugged world of tyrants ruled by rules is decay, and the protagonist aiming for vengeance deploys a story that fights the register.
■Game Features
Killer Combo: Shake the sword in a flowing and shaking explosions, and face the troops of the enemy with a semi-mechanical organism, covering a metal outer shell, and knock the brilliant combo.
Ride on the Beat: The 90's music-inspired soundtrack includes a heavy drum base and funky industrial and music songs that further enhance the thrill of combat.
EXCITING VISION EXPERIENCE: Nostalgic 2D characters combined with a stylish 3D background, you can enjoy a unique world view created by adding advanced writing technology.
Beyond the Dead Line: The boss battles on each stage will be a fierce that you will remember.
Wear your Combo: Master precision and powerful operations in your training room and connect powerful combos in the battle.
Aerial Battle: Utilizing aerial combos and dashes, frequently switching the target to make it possible to defeat any enemy. Use scaffold or wall to jump over your enemies.
■ Highlights
2.5D Graphic: 2D graphics in dynamic 3D environments. Tens of different animations to make an attractive expression of the protagonist actions.
6 Area / 30 Level: The world of killer inspired by Guilty Gear and Devil May Crye.
Legend Day Before It: The Slave Zero X is based on the FPS/TPS "Slave Zero", which boasting cult popularity in Dreamcast, is a story created by Infograms in 1999.
Expressive action: This product requires precise gameplay and has new discoveries every time you play it, and you can use a variety of actions, including hacks, dash cancellations, and dive kicks.
Product Specifications
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

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