Sonic Frontier Limited Edition - Sony PS5 Playstation 5

Sonic Frontier Limited Edition - Sony PS5 Playstation 5

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Sonic Frontier Limited Edition

Genre Action / Platform


Condition New
Item Appearance Conditions:
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SKU ELJM-30201
Publisher Sega
Other Remarks
If you don't keep running, you can't reach that "feeling".

Sonic's unique supersonic action allows you to freely run around a vast island in an endlessly new frontier action-adventure.
Sonic's new adventure begins on the stage of the unknown islands "Starfall Islands" where ancient civilizations sleep.

●Evolution into a next-generation stage-clearing action game
This work is a next-generation stage-clearing action game that evolved the conventional stage-clearing type Sonic game into a playable world map called "Open Zone".
Various elements such as "battle" and "mystery solving" can be played in any order according to your play style.
In addition, the entrance to the "cyber space" created from Sonic's memory is hidden in the field, and you can enjoy a conventional speed-running Sonic game full of sprinting.

●"Sonic-like" powerful and exhilarating battle system
You can enjoy exhilarating battles unique to Sonic, such as speed-of-sound combos that unleash techniques one after another by making full use of button operations.
It also has an "auto combo" that allows you to unleash a variety of attack combos with a single button, allowing anyone to easily engage in high-speed battles.
You can learn new battle skills by collecting “skill pieces” obtained by winning battles and opening the skill tree.

●Scenario that sympathizes with the movement of the characters' hearts
Sonic and his friends who visited the Starfall Islands in pursuit of the Chaos Emerald are trapped in "Cyberspace" by a mysterious power.
In order to save his friends, Sonic is led by someone's voice and confronts a mighty enemy.
What is sleeping on this island? What is the purpose of the mysterious girl who blocks your way?
Sonic's adventure begins in a remote area.
・ PS5 game software “Sonic Frontier”
・ “Sonic Frontier” Art Book (Limited Edition)
・ “Sonic Frontier” Coco Charm (Limited Edition)

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