Happy Illmatic Womb + Radirgy Swag DAY!!!

――― Welcome to Shooting Swamp.

A shooting game full of responsiveness with overwhelming volume. The completely new work "Illmatic Womb" of "Illmatic", which was
extremely popular as the same milestone work as "Radirgy", "Chaos Field" and "Crow" and
was eagerly awaited by fans for the next series, is finally here!
In addition, "Radirgy Swag", which has already been distributed as a download title, is also included in this work at the same time.
Both titles also support online rankings.

■ The latest work of the replay shooter "Illmatic" is now available!
The number of stages is 100, which is overwhelmingly large for a shooting game.
However, the stages are intricately connected and not all stages can be reached from the beginning.
Let's aim for the deepest part while achieving the 9 "orders" prepared for each stage.
In addition, the option "Doll" attached to your own machine is also more powerful than the previous work.
Let's capture every stage by using normal dolls and 4 special megalo dolls properly.

■ DL exclusive title "Radirgy Swag" is recorded at the same time!
Denpa shooting aiming at "asteroid near the moon" while defeating enemies with shots and swords.
Let's sneak through the fierce enemy's attack while deploying items that appear when you defeat the enemy and Absonette that can be invincible for a certain period of time.
In addition, a goal called "order" is set during the game, and by achieving it, the ban on the equipment and bonus elements of your own machine will be lifted.
Although it has a habit, it is a title that can be enjoyed widely from beginners to advanced players.

■ Limited number of "love-hate version" will be released at the same time!
There are two types of this title, "Regular Edition" and "Limited Edition", which are software only.
The limited edition includes a 48-page "setting material collection" and an "8 cm CD" containing arranged BGM that can only be heard here.
It's the first time that a collection of settings for both "Illmatic" and "Radirgy" has been released, not to mention the CD, so it's a must-have item for fans.

[Bundled items]
Setting reference materials / Music arrangement CD

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