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VALIS COLLECTION - nintendo sw switch japan

VALIS COLLECTION - nintendo sw switch japan

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commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the "Valis: The Fantastical Warrior" series, three popular PC engine versions of the "Valis: The Fantastical Warrior", "Valis II" and "Valis III" titles have been released for Nintendo Switch. Complete transplant.
While reproducing the atmosphere and feel of the PC Engine version as it is, we will deliver a comfortable play environment on Nintendo Switch with key config and rewind function.

● 35th anniversary of the series. The popular game
"Valis: The Fantastical Warrior", which has enthusiastic fans, is a side-scrolling action game released by Japan Telenet in 1986 for PC use.
The unique world view that a high school girl in a sailor suit and bikini armor fights against monsters, and the solid action and storyline caught the hearts of many game fans, and many sequels were produced and ported to other models. It's a popular game.
It is a title that has many enthusiastic fans even now, 35 years after its release.

-The roots of gal games are here The
PC engine version, which is the source of this porting, takes advantage of the adoption of CD-ROM, and was epoch-making at that time, such as visual scenes using animation and voices by voice actors. Introducing the "moe" element, it has both hard-line action and storylines, and is called the roots of charage and gal games.
This title is something that not only fans of the time but also modern game fans should definitely experience!


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