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Clockwork Aquario - sony playstation 4 japan

Clockwork Aquario - sony playstation 4 japan

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Clockwork Aquario

Playstation 4

Genre action


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Box included.
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■ Genre
Arcade Action
■ Product Overview
"Clockwork Aquario" developed by Weston for arcades in 1993. After about 30 years, ININ Games finally digs up the treasure!

I hate bending even more! Choose a play character from three cute characters, Hack Rondo, a hot-blooded man, and El Moon, who is calm and calm, and a gentle-hearted Zatchoke robot, Gouache!

① Developed by the original Weston team!
The members at that time reunited for the sleeping phantom game "Excavation".
ININ Games is finally on sale with the former Weston Bit Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Ryuichi Nishizawa, Takanori Kurihara, Shinichi Sakamoto, Maki Ozora) who launched the world-famous Wonder Boy series!

(2) Three distinctive main characters and beautiful pixel art
Hack Rondo, a hot-blooded man, El Moon, a calm and solid person, and Gouache, a gentle-hearted Zatchoke robot, are a great adventure.
A work that can be called "the culmination of dot painting art" expressed in vivid and powerful colors.

③ Fun gameplay! Nostalgic but new!
This work was originally developed for arcades. "Nostalgic but new!" The mysterious sensation is sure to catch the hearts of gamers!

Two-player simultaneous play mode is also possible. Defeat comical enemies one after another with jumps and throws, and go to an incandescent boss battle!


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