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[pre-order] (release October 2022) Megadora Tower Mini 2 - mini console toy action figure model

[pre-order] (release October 2022) Megadora Tower Mini 2 - mini console toy action figure model

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[pre-order] (release october  2022) Megadora Tower Mini 2 (NO MD2 MINI CONSOLE)


megadrive 2 mini

Genre mini console


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Box included.
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[Megadora Tower Mini 2]
A decoration kit to further enjoy the Mega Drive Mini, again!

In commemoration of the release of "Mega Drive Mini 2", the decoration kit "Mega Dora Tower Mini", which is a set of miniature models that faithfully reproduce the original such as "Mega CD 2" and "Mega CD software", is on sale!

* All parts included in this product are decorative items and do not work.
* This product does not include the "Mega Drive Mini 2" and "Mega Drive Mini" main units.

-Decoration kit for "Mega Drive Mini 2"!
Introducing the "Decoration Kid" to reproduce the appearance of the "Mega Drive Mini 2", which allows you to play software for Mega CDs.
The "Mega CD 2" released at the same time as the Mega Drive 2 has been miniaturized to the same size.
Like the original, it is possible to connect the Mega Drive Mini and the "Super 32X Mini" that came with the "Mega Dora Tower Mini". The spacer at that time was also faithfully reproduced.

● Equipped with an opening and closing gimmick!
Unlike the previous "Mega CD Mini", the "Mega CD2 Mini", which is the base of the "Megadora Tower Mini 2", opens the lid at the push of a button, and it is possible to set a miniature CD inside. It's more realistic.

● Includes 2 types of miniature software
Includes 2 types of software that can be set on the Mega Drive Mini 2 and Mega CD 2 Mini, "Virtua Racing" and "Sonic the Hedgehog CD".
The exclusive size and color "Virtua Racing" cartridge can also be attached to the previous work "Mega Drive Mini" and "Mega Dora Tower Mini". You can make the tower even higher.
* You cannot play games with this product.

■ Set contents
Mega CD2 mini ... 1
Mega drive cartridge mini "Virtua Racing" ... 1
Mega CD disc mini "Sonic the Hedgehog CD" ... 1
"Mega drive mini" mounting spacer ... 1 set
"Super 32X" Spacer for "mini" mounting ... 1 piece

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