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Out Run 20th Anniversary Box

set -11 cds - soundtrack original japanese cd

Out Run 20th Anniversary Box set -11 cds - soundtrack original japanese cd

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Out Run 20th Anniversary Box  set -11 cds

original japanese cd

Brand new


Since its appearance in the arcade in 1986, the timeless driving game masterpiece "Out Run" has been loved by many fans all over the world. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this year's birth, a special box that is a must-have item for fans will be released, which contains the arcade and consumer versions of the "Out Run" series at once.
We have recorded all the masterpieces of the "Out Run" series (from the first arcade version "Out Run" to the latest PlayStation 2 version "Outrun 2 Special Tours") with beautiful scenery in the background. (The total number of songs recorded is 207 songs in a set of 11 cds. Many of these are the first CDs to be recorded.)

The booklet includes valuable comments from successive sound creators, as well as Master Hiro himself. It has very luxurious specifications such as a review of the work that took the brush, and it is also very valuable as a material for learning about the history of "Out Run".



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