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BIOHAZARD 25TH anniversary box set - sony playstation 4 japan

BIOHAZARD 25TH anniversary box set - sony playstation 4 japan

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BIOHAZARD 25TH anniversary box set 

Playstation 4

Genre action


Condition NEW
Item Appearance NEW
Box included.
Instruction included.
Other Remarks

+ bonus gift

cerberus model kit 1/12 scale

+ 2 postcards

All items are shown in the pictures.

Product features

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the "Resident Evil" series, a great-value package organized by episode will be released!

PlayStation 4 version "Resident Evil" series A package version of the numbering work is set for each episode, and it is a recommended package for both the collection of the "Resident Evil" series and the introduction.

[Product Introduction]
● Resident Evil 25th Episode Selection Vol.1
~ Umbrella's Sunset ~
Vol.1 which summarizes from the Western-style building incident, which is also the beginning of the "Resident Evil" series, to the collapse of Raccoon City Vol.1

● Biohazard 25th Episode Selection Vol.2
~ bioterrorism threat -
after the umbrella collapse also draw a bioterrorism threat, not Toma in many parts of the world Vol.2

● Resident Evil 25th episode selection Vol.3
- Ethan of the story -
the story of the hero Ethan Winters and around their families, the latest work "bio In
addition to Vol.3 , which also includes "Hazard Village", a postcard set with all 13 types is included, which is a postcard of successive package art.

A total of 3 types, set for each episode, are available at an affordable price.
Each package version is included in the inner BOX, and the sleeve that covers the BOX is designed with an emblem that symbolizes each episode.

You can enjoy all 9 numbering works released so far, or you can enjoy only the episodes you were interested in at once.
This package is recommended for both the collection of the "Resident Evil" series and the introduction.
The story of a survival horror that confronts and overcomes fear, which has been told for 25 years. Please take this opportunity to experience it.


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