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[pre-order] (release October 2022) Mega Drive Mini 2 - mini console toy action figure model

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[pre-order] (release October 2022) Mega Drive Mini 2

megadrive 2 mini

Genre mini console


Condition NEW
Item Appearance NEW
Box included.
Instruction included.
Other Remarks

[Mega Drive Mini 2]
Smaller and deeper. Introducing the new (Shin) Megadora Mini.

The "Mega Drive Mini" made to commemorate about 30 years since its release has been renewed and revived as "Mega Drive Mini 2"!
More than 50 gem titles are recorded in a more compact body!
The long-awaited "Mega CD" title is also installed, and with the addition of the "bonus title" that was not released at that time, you can enjoy more volume than the previous work to your heart's content.

-That Megadora Mini is back with more power!
The definitive mini hardware "Mega Drive Mini", which has attracted a lot of attention as Reiwa's first game console, has been renewed and revived!
With a new design that reproduces the "Mega Drive 2", it has been further miniaturized and greatly enhanced.

-Equipped with the long-awaited "Mega CD" title The title for
the extended power-up unit "Mega CD" that allows you to enjoy CD-ROM games on the Mega Drive is finally installed!
You can enjoy more luxurious and volume-up games such as video playback and voice production by voice actors.

-Records more than 50 titles with more volume than the previous work!
The recording game has been renewed. You can enjoy 50 popular titles, exceeding 42 of the previous Mega Drive Mini.
In addition, "bonus titles" that were not released at that time will be added to provide a volume that can not be played.

■ Specifications
Body size: Width 120.8mm x Height 32.3mm x Depth 116.5mm
Controller size: Width 140mm x Height 70mm x Depth 29mm
Controller cable: Approximately 2m in length
Input terminal: HDMI terminal, USB terminal (USB Micro-B)
Video output: 720p, 480p
Audio output: Linear PCM output from HDMI

■ Set contents
Main unit… 1
controller… 1
high speed HDMI Cable: 1
USB cable (for power supply): 1

* A USB device for power supply is required to use this product.
* Please prepare a device equipped with USB Type A that can output 5V / 2.0A or higher.

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